God's Worthy Women

Conference 2011

Return to Sanctuary Outpost

1 Chaplains Leila Preuss and JoAnn Horwitz.jpg

10 Morning Break.jpg

11 Angela in traditional Asian Roads dress.jpg

12 Angela speaking for CCCi.jpg

13 Morning Break.jpg

16Angela_and_ChaplainSallyMaloney-co-founder of GWW.jpg

17_Sharing with the ladies.jpg

19 Chaplain Sally Maloney door prize.jpg

20_Chaplain Barbara Ostermaier and another door prize winner.jpg

25 Josephenia - a CHI volunteer modeling an outfit from the CHI resale shop.jpg

27 Betsy Chacon CHI Director modeling a gown.jpg

28 lovely models for CHI.jpg


3 early 2011 GWW atendees.jpg

31 Chaplain Don Baker blessing the noon meal.jpg

32 noon meal.jpg

34 recognizing all those who helped with the 2011 GWW retreat.jpg

38 Chaplain Karen Gregory sharing the word.jpg

39 afternoon break.jpg

4 Chaplain Mike Horwitz manning the morning refreshment tables.jpg

40 studying the Word.jpg

41 Chaplain Linda Paydon speaking on Finishing Well.jpg

42 each loop represents a prayer for the ladies at 2011 GWW conference.jpg

44 this chain went around the room twice.jpg

5 2011 GWW retreat at Alamo Rec Veh Park.jpg

5a Chaplain Dennis Maloney Welcomes.jpg

5b Angela Neese speaking.jpg

6 Many Ladies.jpg

7 Chaplain Dennis welcomes us.jpg

8 Chaplain Leila Preuss giving instructions.jpg

9 Checking their folders.jpg